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How Can I Access Gmail in iPhone App?

As Google email services have started gaining prominence across the globe due to its magnificent features and functionalities, it can be accessed anytime using any device. Though smartphone is gaining prominence these days and with the email application installed in the device, you can access all the emails of different account at one place. The same thing is with iPhone device. You can easily access the Gmail in iPhone mail But, it can only happen when the setup of Gmail in iPhone device is done successfully. You can take help of experts by giving a call to the Google customer service number

Once adding Gmail as an IMAP or POP account, it can also be added to the iOS device as an exchange account. It also lets Gmail push new messages to iPhone Mail App and will work on a single account that actually replace your Exchange account.


Access Gmail in iPhone Mail Using IMAP


  • In order to Setup Gmail account in iPhone Mail, consider the following steps
  • Do make sure, IMAP access is enabled for Gmail account
  • Unlock your iPhone device and Tap on the settings icon on the home screen.
  • Now again tap on the email category and select Accounts Option
  • Again tap on Add account  and choose Google Option
  • Provide the Gmail address you need to add and then sign-in with your Google account.
  • Now again Tap on next icon and type Gmail Password under the option Enter your Password.
  • Again Tap on Next
  • If the two step authentication is enabled in your Gmail account, provide the code received via text message and click on next
  • Tap on Next and do make sure that your email account is enabled
  • Tap Save and Press the home button to make changes effective


How to Access Gmail in iPhone Mail App Using POP


  • Make sure POP access is enabled for your Gmail account.
  • Tap Settings on the iPhone Home screen.
  • Again Tap on Add Account… under Accounts.
  • Tap Add Mail Account under Mail.
  • Type your name under Name.
  • Enter your full Gmail email address
  • Type your Gmail password
  • Now tap POP so it is selected.
  • Enter "pop.gmail.com" in the Host Name section
  • Type your full Gmail address under Incoming Mail Server.
  • Enter "smtp.gmail.com" for Host Name 
  • Tap your Gmail email address under User Name 
  • Enter your Gmail password again
  • Tap Save.


Access Google Apps Gmail Account in iPhone Mail


  • Make sure POP access is enabled for your Google Apps or Gmail email account.
  • Tap Settings on the iPhone Home screen and then Go to Mail
  • Now Tap Add Account... under Accounts.
  • Do not forget to select the  POP option
  • Provide your name under the name section
  • Now type the complete Gmail or Google Apps email address
  • Under Description section, Type "Google Apps"
  • Enter The details "pop.gmail.com" under the section Host Name.
  • Now enter "recent:" followed by your full email address under User Name.
  • Provide a Google mail password under the password section
  • Under Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP): Enter "smtp.gmail.com"
  • Enter your full email address under User Name.
  • Again, make sure you include your domain name.
  • Now, type in your Google Apps password under Password.
  • Tap Save to make the changes effective



In case, you are not able to setup Gmail in iPhone mail app, it is highly recommended to get in touch with the experts through iCloud contact number